About Evince Medical Software

We are building the next generation of EHR software.

who we are

Evince Medical Software, LLC, is a company created to produce electronic health record software (EHR) for medical providers, as well as an app to interact between providers and patients.

Evince was founded by Dr. Eric Hughes, with headquarters in the Austin area, commonly known as "Silicon Hills" due to the high number of successful software companies concentrated in central Texas.

Evince has completed initial development of simulation demos for both the Smarter Doctor™ and Smarter Patient™ software platforms, and is currently seeking to hire software developers.

unique qualifications

Evince Medical Software, LLC has over 40 years of combined experience in medicine and software development. Our founding physician has an educational background in computer science, and our founding software engineer has a family background in medicine.

Evince has partnered with Auto-Parallel Technologies, Inc. to develop the Smarter Doctor™ and Smarter Patient™ software products. APTech has extensive expertise in building web-based systems and mobile apps, as well as entrepreneurship and the launching of new IT companies, all of which fulfill Evince's current business and technology needs.